Mar 292013

Http://  wishes to reaffirm the purpose of the blog which is to share our experiences with the new generation of people looking for a job and expecting to be hired. Basic details to get ready for an interview such as clothing and makeup can seem “obvious” but they are not. Also, is important to subscribe [...]

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Feb 032013

When rumors of reorganization started in my ex-company I understood why management created meticulous plan years in advance to get rid of people they didn’t like or wanted to continue in the company even though they were eligible and meet or exceeded the qualifications to keep their jobs after the reorganization took place. As I look back [...]

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Jan 262013

On November 6, 2012 elections were held in Puerto Rico to select our governor for the next four years and people voted to defeat the current governor because they thought his performance was bad and unfair. Now we have a new governor and if he doesn’t do his job right he’ll be out in four [...]

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Nov 012012
The Queen!

 Hail to the Queen! The ex-female boss acts like one when supervising her employees. To complete her tasks she has a full entourage of emissaries. They are gossipy and experts providing information (usually edited) about peers dedicated to do their jobs. Then using those resources she’ll apply her nasty supervisory methods. Have you been a [...]

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